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CBDfxCBDfx is a California-based company. It is a leading CBD knowledge hub and a major CBD retailer.

They have an extended product line, including vape products, topical, and beverages.

The cannabinoid profile of CBDfx is quite diversified. The organic ingredients, natural terpenes, and minerals further add to the entourage effect.

In 2020, independent tests showed that the CBDfx Berry Chill Shot contained half of the labeled CBD content. It was only limited to one product, and we are sure they will address the issue.

Read our in-depth and transparent hemp reviews and make an informed choice. We warn about scams and other product issues.

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CBDfx Product Line

The variety of products CBDfx offers is very extensive. No CBD cold brew though:

CBD Vape Juice (Click Here For Lowest Price)

CBD vape juices with six different tastes. But also CBD Terpenes Oil. CBD e-liquids and vape oil additives.

CBD Vape Pens & Kits (Click Here For Lowest Price)

Lab-tested vape pens with different tastes and strengths. Premium vape pen disposable CBD carts.

CBD Gummies (Click Here For Lowest Price)

They offer two package sizes of tasty cannabidiol gummies.

CBD Oil Tinctures (Click Here For Lowest Price)

CBD oil tinctures in three different concentrations, up to 1500 mg.

CBD Capsules (Click Here For Lowest Price)

The CBD capsules and pills they offer are also full-spectrum. But if you want more THC, check out our THC pills review.

CBD Drinks (Click Here For Lowest Price)

Delicious lemonade hemp drinks with full-spectrum CBD.

CBD Edibles (Click Here For Lowest Price)

CBD gummies and sublingual strips.

CBD Topicals (Click Here For Lowest Price)

A wide variety of CBD balms, creams, face masks, face cleansers, massage oil, and even bath salt.

CBD for Pets (Click Here For Lowest Price)

CBD oil for dogs and cats, small, medium, and large breeds. 30 ml bottles with 150, 300, and 600 mg CBD.

Shipping Locations

CBDfx ships also outside the US to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK).

It’s best to order directly through their website and apply our coupon code discount. There are a lot of resellers on the internet that otherwise could come in between and rack up the price.

Also, you risk getting fake products when ordering from others. iDWeeds independently reviews directly from the source.

Certificate of Lab Analysis

All CBDfx products are quality tested by an independent third-party lab to ensure you get the best product possible. Certificate of Analysis is available on their homepage.

Click on a product that suits your needs to go to the order page.

Cannabinoid Profile CBDfx Oil

CBDfx Welness + Calming Tinctures

CBDfx oils are sold in four concentrations: 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 4000mg CBD per bottle.

CBDfx tinctures are divided into two groups: Wellness and Calming.

Wellness tinctures contain CBG besides CBD (2:1), but what are the benefits of CBG? Calming tinctures contain additional CBN (3.3:1).

The Cannabinoid Profiles of CBDfx oils are rather standard in today’s market.

Their oils contain 10mg of added terpenes, which contributes to the entourage effect.

Read our Pure Spectrum CBD oil reviews if you are looking for a good isolated CBD oil.

CBDfx has a vast product line. They have CBD capsules for sale and many other products. Besides the US, they ship to eleven countries worldwide, not including Canada.

CBD oil for depression and anxiety does not contain THC but anti-stress terpenes. The best CBD reviews you can find on our reviews page.

Cannabinoid profile CBDfx 1500


  • CBD Oil Tincture 1500mg
    • MCT Oil Derived from Coconuts
    • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Strength

    500 MG of CBD per 1 oz (30mL) bottle.

    1000 MG of CBD per 1 oz (30mL) bottle.

    1500 MG of CBD per 1 oz (30mL) bottle.


CBD may be the main attraction, but it’s not the only key player. CBG, CBN, CBDA, THC, and THCA are all present in the tincture to some extent. Fortunately, this helps support the synergistic “entourage effect.”

These compounds are also useful when it comes to specific chronic symptoms.


THC needs little introduction. Its presence in hemp-based tinctures is minor to non-existent. But even in small, non-intoxicating doses, THC can have a calming effect on the mind in some cases. In other cases, it can worsen your anxiety, so be careful.

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) becomes CBD when exposed to high heat (decarboxylated).  Preliminary research indicates that it might help with emotional regulation.

CBG doesn’t directly help with anxiety, but it calms paranoia after using high THC cannabis.

CBN has multiple therapeutic uses, including relaxation.


THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is non-intoxicating until a heat source transforms it into THC. Some research shows that THCA helps with inflammation, making it a viable pain reliever for specific conditions.

THC’s use for pain dates back thousands of years. In this case, it’s not nearly present enough to intoxicate anyone. However, it still offers some analgesic benefits, especially combined with other cannabinoids.

CBG is an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory, making it very helpful for strains, sprains, arthritis flareups, and similar issues.

Like THC, CBN is slightly psychotropic (although to a much smaller extent). However, this really gives it an advantage for pain relief, including post-operative pain.

CBDA is chemically similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, according to a 2008 study, offering an alternative source of pain relief.


Many people use THC-rich strains as a sleep aid. While hemp CBD oil won’t sedate consumers the way other chemotypes do, it positively contributes to the CBDfx tincture’s effectiveness as a sleep aid.

CBN’s mild intoxicating properties aren’t enough to cause a “high” in small amounts, as is the case with CBDfx’s product. However, it’s known to have a strong calming effect, making it perfect for sleep.

What We (Don’t) Like

CBDfx is a famous brand and well established in the market. There are many good things about them, but this is what we didn’t like.


Trust in a brand is crucial.

We don’t like how CBDfx popped up in 2020s independent tests showing that their Berry Chill Shot contained almost half of the labeled CBD amount. And to add fuel to the fire, CBDfx didn’t respond to the results presented, which doesn’t help either.

Paying the full price for half of the labeled CBD amount is a bad deal. Their other products, however, didn’t show deviations in cannabinoid amounts.

No Terpenes?

CBDfx doesn’t test on terpenes, as that is more expensive. They claim their products are terpene-rich, but it would be good to see the actual terpene content.

Some other brands, like Savage CBD, infuse their products with terpenes.

Other brands like CBDistillery contain naturally present terpenes, which is preferred. Try the CBDistillery coupon code with 25% off.


CBDfx Account for shipment tracking

When you open a personal account on their website you can check your order status anytime by clicking on “My Account”. You can trace your shipping and view all information regarding your order.

All customers will receive two emails:

  1. The first email is sent to you after placing your order.
  2. The second email is sent to you shortly after that and contains your tracking number.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Any retailer that stands behind their products offers a Money Back Guarantee. CBDfx is such a company and offer you a 30-day limit to return your shipment if you are not satisfied. So, when you buy their product, you have zero risk.

1-Year Warranty

If there are any defects in material or workmanship of their product from one year from the original date of purchase, they will gladly send you a new product.

The best way of using CBDfx is sublingual. Drop the necessary amount of drops under your tongue and keep them there for at least a minute. After that, you can swallow them and drink some water if necessary.

The amount of drops you need to take depends on the purpose. In the health section of this website, we have dozens of articles on conditions. For each condition, the recommended amount of CBD is listed in the dosing section.

How many CBDfx drops should I take?

1 milliliter contains 20 drops. A 30 ml bottle therefore contains 600 drops.

CBDfx offers tinctures with the following strengths: 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg, all in 30ml bottles. The amount of drops therefore differs per dosage. Let’s say you would like to take daily dosage of 25mg – How many CBD drops should you take?

500mg CBD bottle

  • 500mg divided by your daily dosage of 25mg makes: 20 dosages per bottle or 20 dosages per 600 drops.
  • 1 dosage of 25mg is therefore: 600 divided by 20 equals 30 drops

1000mg CBD bottle

  • 1000mg divided by your daily dosage of 25mg makes: 40 dosages per bottle or 40 dosages per 600 drops.
  • 1 dosage of 25mg is therefore: 600 divided by 40 equals 15 drops

1500mg CBD bottle

  • 1500mg divided by your daily dosage of 25mg makes: 60 dosages per bottle or 60 dosages per 600 drops.
  • 1 dosage of 25mg is therefore: 600 divided by 60 equals 10 drops

Where to Buy

The safest and most affordable way to buy is straight from the manufacturer online. As there can be knock-offs and scams, make sure you get the real deal at the lowest price.

Click on the button below to go straight to the official website where you can apply our coupon code discount.

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Written by Fawaz Abomaray, PhD

Fawaz Abomaray, PhDA Medical Scientist with background in Cancer Pharmacology. Moreover, Fawaz is also a Stem Cell Biologist with speciality in Endometriosis. He has both original articles and review articles published in peer-reviewed international journals.

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